Cutting Mat

$12.00 AUD


You want to transform that boring tumbler into an interesting piece of art so that whenever you drink from it, people notice. It is highly important that your design is of right size and dimensions and cut to perfection. You know cutting out precise designs takes up a major chunk of the process especially if their complexity level is high, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a DIY crafter or a professional one.

Ahijoy’s premium quality cutting mats, available in different grips, are tailor-made for every type of material. A cutting mat is an essential piece of equipment that aids in making this process smooth and protects your workspace.

Our Cutting Mats are available in pink, blue and green color with a difference in tacks. It has a grid to help you cut precise designs and essentially protects your workspace from unnecessary cuts, deterioration or scratches that could be caused when working with sharp tools. When used with cutter machines, it provides stability and prevents small pieces from falling into the cutter. It also prevents the blades of the cutter from becoming blunt.

Ahijoy’s Cutting Mat comes in two dimensions so you can choose the one you need for your project. It features a high quality stickiness that does not damage the material while holding it firmly, so it does not move when a design is carved out. It helps align the vinyl comfortably, and minimizes hand fatigue.

Ahijoy’s cutting mat is available in three different grips: light grip, standard grip and strong grip. Each grip is compatible with a specific range of materials and fabrics.

Light Grip

-        Tissue Paper

-        Light or Thin Cardstock

-        Printer Paper

-        Construction Paper

-        Vellum

-        Washi Tape Sheets

-        Sticker Paper

-        Wrapping Paper

-        Any Fragile Materials

 Standard Grip

-        Cardstock

-        Iron-on Vinyl

-        Vinyl

-        Kraft Paper

-        Textured Paper 

-        Embossed Cardstock

-        Medium weight material

 Strong Grip

  • These materials usually require more force to cut which means a  stronger adhesive is required to prevent the material from moving.

-        Wood

-        Chipboard

-        Corrugated Cardboard

-        Thick cardstock

-        Any magnet material

-        Poster board

-        Faux Leather

-        Glitter Cardstock

-        Heavyweight materials

-        Fabric With Stiffener

-        Faux Suede

-        Heavy And Thick Materials


-        Multipurpose mat that is perfect for a wide range of materials.

-        Adhesive protected by a transparent film on top.

-        Odor-free and long lasting.

-        Sizes Available:  12'' x 12'' and 12'' x 24''.

-        Comes with a free scraper.