Mint Adhesive Vinyl

$19.00 AUD

💚Mint green, like a new mint leaf, is a light green, which is a kind of green, but different from emerald green, with moderate purity, low saturation, and no dark green color, but still represents hope and vitality, not only fresh, clean and very toned.

Mint Adhesive Vinyl Series Collection: Matte Chrome/Glossy Holographic/Sparkle Holographic/Crystal Holographic/Crack Mosaic Holographic/Bubble Holographic/Glossy/Matte

1.Size: 1ftx5ft( 0.3x1.55m) ,1ftx10ft( 0.3x3.05m)  
2.Color: Mint

• It has no harm to the skin.

• It is bright and clear in color.

• Ideal for DIY decoration projects.

• Washable, high-temperature resistance, high elasticity, and non-fading.


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