Rainbow Stripe Adhesive Vinyl

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The amazing colors of rainbow in a well-defined linear pattern that is fun and funky - the Rainbow Stripes Adhesive Vinyl at Ahijoy is pure joy to work with. It presents a glorious array of colors in a single place! Go bold, go subtle, or just be fun with complementary hues elevating your style and design. As always, Ahijoy brings the ease of use while providing excellent quality and trendy shades. The sturdy adhesive means your designs will enjoy a prolonged life and when you decide to remove them, there will be no sticky residue left behind. 

An excellent addition to your home project or small business, our Rainbow Stripes Adhesive Vinyl helps you achieve your desired result with minimum effort ensuring your valuable time is spent where it is needed most. It comes in a 5ft and 10ft roll giving you ample vinyl to work with. Follow a few simple instructions and you are good to go! As it is compatible with all craft cutters, you can choose the one you like most for your intricate or simple pattern. Once the design is ready, weed out the extra vinyl, apply transfer tape on top and paste the design onto a flat, clean and dry surface. Run a plastic scraper over it for a polished look. That’s it!  You now have a trendy new DIY project ready to use.

Ahijoy’s Rainbow Stripes Adhesive Vinyl will adhere to most surfaces, including paper, wood, metal, glass, ceramic, and plastic. Many creative ideas can be executed using it including scrapbooking, wedding décor, home décor, signage, and decals. It can even be stuck on drinkware such as on your favorite water bottle that you take to work every single day. You can embellish your walls, windows and mirrors with it to add vibrancy and flamboyance to your home. Our textured vinyl is a unique product which can also help elevate your business by creating hard to find, personalized merchandise. You can design your logo with it if your work resonates with happiness and fun. We promise durability, high quality, and strong adherence; with so many advantages our Rainbow Stripes Adhesive Vinyl is a must addition to your vinyl collection!


  • Durable, waterproof, and weather resistant.
  • Environment-friendly, safe and non-toxic. 
  • Colors available: A range of hues in five different combinations. 
  • Sizes available: 1ft x 5ft and 1ft x 10ft. Custom sizes are also available upon request.
  • Finish: Textured
  • Pattern: Linear and geometric designs.

If you have any issues/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us: support@ahijoy.com