Sanding Heat Transfer Vinyl

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The sanding heat transfer vinyl at Ahijoy has a beautiful, textured grainy appearance as if innumerable, glittering, tiny motes of sand have been trapped to create a thin film of vinyl in beautiful hues. The opaque polyurethane adds life and a pop of sparkle to any craft or apparel it is applied to, making it eye-catching and attractive.

Our sanding heat transfer vinyl available in 5ft and 12ft film roll is offered in four luscious shades namely deep blue, black purple, gold green and dark green. It is thin, highly durable and can withstand multiple washes without withering. With a polyester backing and a clear carrier sheet, it is compatible with all craft cutters and is easy to cut, weed and apply on fabrics such as cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends and leather. It can be transferred onto a fabric with a heat press or a dry iron used in homes. Set the temperature of the heat press to 305°F, place the design on the fabric, put a teflon sheet on top and apply medium pressure. The sanding HTV can be used for monograms, decals, logos and exquisite designs on t-shirts, shirts, caps, bags, shoes, crafts and home decor. You can create designs for your party wear or club wear that will definitely turn heads. Jazz up your outfit, add a little personal touch and stand out from the rest of the mundane crowd!        

Uses & Specifications:

  • Available in four colors: Sanding deep blue, sanding black-purple, sanding gold green, sanding dark green. 
  • It has a smooth, soft texture that can be worked with easily.
  • Roll sizes available: 10''x 5ft and 10''x 12ft. Custom sizes are also available.