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Glitter Adhesive Vinyl - Adhesive Craft Vinyl - Ahijoy
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The gleaming, captivating vinyl that is sure to elevate the look of every design - Ahijoy’s Shimmer and Glitter Adhesive Vinyl is something you should definitely keep on your radar. The little flecks of glitter against a plain background, an interesting pattern or an array of beautiful linear rainbow colors add sheer allure and a glamorous appeal to any design carved in it. Complement your project with a sparkly, glitzy façade with our adhesive vinyl range.

The Shimmering Features

Adhesive vinyl has not only become a staple for DIY crafters but is also a popular choice amongst retailers and businesses. Available in a plethora of colors, you are sure to find something that suits your style with our Glitter and Shimmer Adhesive vinyl. The collection features:

  • Shimmer adhesive vinyl.
  • Glitter adhesive vinyl.
  • Rainbow shimmer adhesive vinyl.
  • Glitter stripe heat transfer vinyl.
  • Polka dot adhesive vinyl.
  • Super glitter adhesive vinyl.

Ahijoy’s Glitter and Shimmer vinyl collection is a staple of versatility with their wide range of applications, colors, textures and designs. It can be cut, weeded and applied with ease. It is compatible with all industry craft cutters and can also be cut by hand. Simply carve out the design you require, weed out any excess film and after removing the adhesive backing, apply it to your surface. Use a roller or squeegee to remove any air bubbles.

The Wide Range of Uses

Featuring a strong and sturdy adhesive backing, our shimmer and glitter vinyl can be used to add that extra flair to your signs, decals, windows, walls or any other solid surface.

We, at Ahijoy, take pride in delivering high quality and excellent vinyl. It is resistant to water, sun exposure and high temperatures so you can use it with ease for years without having to worry about any degradation. Our glitter designs are sure to illuminate your space when light falls upon it.

Revamp your office or work space with our ecstatic range of vinyl or create eye-catching logos and business signs, glamorize your walls, create custom cards or even car decals! The possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination.

Add some flamboyance and pizzazz to your surroundings with our Shimmer and Glitter Adhesive Vinyl and create an astonishing space.