Opal Adhesive Vinyl

Vibrant hues and sheer elegance, the Opal Adhesive Vinyl at Ahijoy is exactly what you may need to revamp your space with amazing beauty. Add stunning new designs to your projects, make amazing decals, and create captivating signage with our simply splendid Opal Adhesive Vinyl.

The Amazing Features

Our Opal Adhesive Vinyl is available in two categories:

  • Matte Opal
  • Glossy Opal

Our Matte Opal Vinyl has a smooth, silky finish and a muted tone. It adds elegance and sophistication to your projects as if they are made with silk. If you are one of those who does not like shimmer and high ostentation then this is the vinyl for you. 

Our Glossy Opal Vinyl features high shine and a unique finish that changes color when held or viewed from different angles as light falls upon it. This adds a subtle yet electrifying accent to your projects. Whether you’re a professional or DIY crafter looking to get those creative juices flowing, Ahijoy’s Opal vinyl will not disappoint.


Easy Application

Every vinyl at Ahijoy is sturdy and durable. It is resistant to changes in temperature, sun exposure and waterproof. Our Opal Vinyl collection features a high quality PET backing that makes application a breeze. Simply cut out a vinyl using an electronic craft cutter or by hand, weed out any excess film and then using the Adhesive backing apply it to your project. The adhesive is long-lasting so you can be rest assured that the vinyl upon application will last you for a couple of years without any degradation.


Extensive Usage

Our Opal Adhesive vinyl can be used in a wide variety of projects. Create magnificent custom decals, decorate your tumblers or add flair to mundane everyday objects and make them pop out. Businesses can use these to create eye-catching signs and wall decals as Opal Vinyl is widely used for large format graphics.


Make a loved one’s day by gifting them customized accessories such as keychains, pendants, picture frames, albums and many more. The possibilities are endless and you are sure to find a use for our Opal Vinyl in your projects, so why wait? Go ahead and grab yours now and breathe life into all your handmade crafts!