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Transfer Film
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Transfer Tape

Are you searching for transfer tape? Tape for transferring vinyl designs to project surfaces has been designed specifically for this task. You can easily position your design thanks to the grid on the transparent film. Your artwork can only be transferred to your record accurately and without damaging it if you do it this way.

There is a need to select the correct transfer tape for vinyl. There is a wide variety of videos to choose from, but not all of them will be appropriate for your project. Heat activation is also required for some tapes, making them unsuitable for outdoor use. 

Use of transfer tape

You use transfer tape, sticky paper, or vinyl-like material to transfer an adhesive vinyl decal to your surface. You place the decal on your surface once you have removed the backing from your design.

Vinyl needs transfer tape.

It is probably necessary to use transfer tape for vinyl. Vinyl does not need to be moved with transfer tape, but if there are any gaps or intricate details, it may be challenging to move.

Tricks for transferring papers

  • Put shelf paper in place of transfer paper. 
  • A roll of 60 yards of this tape makes great fly transfer tape.
  • If you're short on transfer paper, try to use a lint remover.
  • You can even use Scotch tape as a transfer tape.

Apply the Transfer Tape

  • Peel the liner off the Transfer Tape. 
  • Put a small section of Transfer Tape on your design. Choose either the center or the end. 
  • It would help if you burnished the Transfer Tape onto your design using a Scraper, working outwards from the small area you attached. 
  • Burnish the backside of your vinyl.

Use on project surfaces

  • Make sure the project surface is dry and clean. Clean plastic surfaces with rubbing alcohol.
  • Discard vinyl liner and Transfer Tape.
  • Put a small design area on your character. 
  • Using a Scrapper, burnish the design into a character from a small space.
  • Remove Transfer Tape from the design.