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Translucent Adhesive Vinyl

Are you looking to redecorate your brand-new office, home or just your room? Do you want to advertise your product on illuminated signs? Look no further as Ahijoy brings you its premium quality Translucent Adhesive Vinyl. It is a pressure-sensitive, thin, flexible, permanent adhesive film that is available in many exquisite patterns and colors making your crafts highly alluring and praiseworthy. It is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor usage. 

The high UV resistance of this product ensures that the illuminated promotion will remain elegant and beautiful for years to come. It is also water and weatherproof making it extremely versatile. Translucent Vinyl has been very effective for business communication and used for decoration. 


The Diverse Uses

Our exquisite vinyl film can be used in a number of creative ways.  It works best on surfaces that are smooth and hard.


  • Illuminated signs.
  • Window decoration, indoor and outdoor signs.
  • Booth decoration.
  • Car graphics and decals.
  • Promotional advertisements, vehicle advertisements.
  • Home décor.
  • Decorating drinkware such as glasses, tumblers and jugs,
  • Scrapbooking, album and diary decoration.
  • Phone cover and laptop skin.


The Essential Features

The essential features of Ahijoy’s translucent vinyl are:  

Durable: Synthetic vinyl stickers and labels are strong and made to withstand poor weather and chemicals, making them long-lasting.


Disposable: They can be wiped clean and reused, making them scratch resistant.


Long-lasting: Once applied to any surface, the adhesive vinyl remains fresh and lively for a long time. It is durable for 5 - 7 years due to the vinyl material's actinic ray protection.


Cost-effective: It is low maintenance.

Custom shapes: It can acquire any shape you desire which makes large format adhesive vinyl signs extremely appealing.


Easy Application

Our Translucent Adhesive Vinyl is extremely easy to work with. Carve out the design of your choice, then clean the surface on which it is to be applied. Line up the exposed vinyl edge and gently press it against the surface. Gently rub it down with a squeegee. Peel away more vinyl slowly, carefully pressing it onto the surface as you go. Remember that the adhesive in vinyl is activated by pressure, so give it a thorough rub to get it to adhere well.

Got the hang of it, love the design and colors, now amaze us with your wonderful crafts!