Glossy Colors Heat Transfer Vinyl

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The high-quality glossy heat transfer vinyl at Ahijoy is designed to create beautiful accessories and crafts. You can overhaul a mundane bag or a t-shirt with an exquisite design that has a sheen to it making it eye-catching and alluring. It is ideal for bags, hats, pillows, shirts, T-shirts, polos, crafts, home decor, decals, signs, letters and banners. The 5ft and 12ft vinyl film roll is available in basic colors of red, white and black. With high elasticity, flexibility and durability, it will not fade, flake, peel or crack over time even after multiple washes and rugged use. It is eco-friendly and is safe to use and wear.

Our professional-grade glossy HTV is easy to cut, weed and transfer. Made up of premium quality polyurethane, it easily adheres to cotton, linen, polyester, cotton/poly blends and leather. Cut the design in reverse, place it on the fabric with a multi-purpose sheet or parchment paper on top and press with a dry iron or heat press applying firm, medium pressure. Remove the carrier sheet after the vinyl has cooled down. 

Uses & Specification:

  • Durable finish that keeps colors vibrant and beautiful.
  • It is thin and flexible, making it easy to apply to garments
  • Colors: glossy white, glossy red, glossy black.
  • Roll sizes: 12''x 5ft and 12''x 12ft. Custom sizes are also available.

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