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Chrome Adhesive Vinyl

Chrome Adhesive Vinyl is the new rave these days and why wouldn’t it be? The sheen on a chrome finish can make any onlooker envious. It gives the illusion of grandeur and sophistication with a touch of modernity and bling.

At Ahijoy, we have launched a series of lustrous Chrome Adhesive Vinyl so that your next DIY project is just as glamorous as you are. Our vinyl not only boasts top of the line quality but also promises you unparalleled style!

Why should you opt for Chrome Adhesive Vinyl?

Chrome is everywhere these days, from nails to clothes to cars - it is the trend to follow. Ahijoy brings to you three variations in chrome:

  • Mirror chrome adhesive vinyl.
  • Satin chrome adhesive vinyl.
  • Matte chrome adhesive vinyl.

These are perfect to fulfill all your decorative needs. Add these to your home décor for a futuristic appeal.

Walls, vases, drinkware and even doors can be decorated using intricate decals made of our chrome vinyl. If you are a science fiction fan or have kids interested in it, you can use this vinyl for decorations and become the talk of the town!

For customized letterings, signage and even invites, our chrome adhesive vinyl is the ideal product for you. It can help you harness your creativity and come up with wonderful art projects and innovative scrapbook designs. With our wide array of finishes and colors, the sky's the limit!

Easy Application

At Ahijoy, we put our customers first and have designed our chrome adhesive vinyl to allow easy application and removal. Our vinyl is compatible with all craft cutters, die cutters and sign plotters to allow you to come up with detailed designs and is also easy to weed.

The adhesive backing of our vinyl is durable and strong, making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage. That’s not all, it is also waterproof and can withstand wear and tear. To make your application easier, the vinyl film is both thin and flexible so it can cover every nook and corner of your chosen surface. To make the most out of our vinyl, be sure to keep it clean and take proper precautions.

Our Chrome Adhesive Vinyl makes a chic yet bold statement. If you are a unique and inventive person or simply looking to have fun with decorations, head over to our range of Chrome Adhesive Vinyl now!