Cutting Mat 3 Pack

€8,95 EUR


If you have ever dabbled into the world of craft vinyl, you will know how hard it is to cut intricate designs using just a pair of scissors. Even if you are using a craft cutter, a mat protects the blade and also the surface beneath from getting any marks or scratches. Hence it is one of the most essential that every crafter should have. We, at Ahijoy, understand your needs as our customers and bring to you craft cutter compatible mats. These cutting mats come in a pack of 3, posing a more affordable and diversified option. They are covered with a transparent liner to protect the adhesive. You can choose your mat according to your needs and material.

Our cutting mats are not only used for cutting vinyl but are ideal for cutting most craft material. We have an option of light adhesive mats which is typically used for materials like vinyl and paper and provides the least stickiness. Then, we have the standard adhesive mats, which have moderate adhesion and are used for cutting medium weight materials like sturdier vinyl and cardstock. Ahijoy also has the option of strong adhesive mats for heavy weight materials like leather, chipboard, and fabric with stiffener.

These multipurpose mats are made with top quality products making it durable and long lasting. Our cutting mats pair well with electronic craft cutters and are easy to use. The grids help align your vinyl and measure as you cut, and the adhesive makes sure your design does not move out of place during the process. They are also flexible making it easy to remove your design with ease.

For the longevity of our cutting mat, keep it covered to extend the durability of the adhesive and make sure no externalities hinder it. Make your creative journey hassle-free and order your mats today!


  • Styles: Light Adhesive - Blue, Standard Adhesive - Pink, Standard Adhesive - Green, and Strong Adhesive - Dark Green.
  • Available in a pack of 3 mats.
  • Sizes available: 12'' x 12'' and 12'' x 24''.
  • Grid lines for ease of measuring and cutting.
  • Different intensities of adhesive.
  • Durable and long lasting.