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Color Change Adhesive Vinyl

Ahijoy brings to you nothing less than magic and the best quality products! We proudly introduce our extensive assortment of Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl. The color of the vinyl changes with the change in temperature. In this collection there are vinyl films that respond to both hot or cold temperatures! 

This magic does not only extend to temperature changes. We also have a collection of vinyl that is UV sensitive and shifts hues when exposed to sun. Using that latest technology, our brand-new concoction allows you to change the original color of your vinyl decal into another vibrant hue mesmerizing the onlooker.

Features and Uses

These innovative temperature sensitive vinyl films are suited best for drinkware, where the temperature changes result in another gleaming color adorning the surface. From glasses, coffee mugs, tumblers, bottles and mason jars, color change vinyl is a fun way to entertain and amaze your guests especially children.

The UV sensitive vinyl changes color when exposed to sun rays and is perfect for outdoor decorations and even indoor home décor. Watch your kids love waking up early for school just to see the majestic transformation of hues take place right before their eyes. Stick customized decals on their school water bottles and lunches to make your kids even more enthusiastic. 

Our color change adhesive vinyl is truly a sight to behold! Attract onlookers with creative signs, letterings, and invitations. You can even make your wedding or party an event to remember by incorporating this selection of vinyl in décor, invitations, and party favors.


Easy Application

We, at Ahijoy, want to make the process of dabbling into vinyl easy for everyone. That is why we use the finest materials combined with the latest technology to give you durable and flexible vinyl films. Our adhesive vinyl is easy to cut and weed and is compatible with craft cutters, die cutters and sign plotters. This allows you to come up with any design or decals your heart desires. 

Our vinyl can be used outdoors as well since it is waterproof, so you need not fret, whether hail or rain, Ahijoy’s vinyl is here to stay! Allow yourself to be swept into the world of transforming colors and pick your favorite from our range of vinyl today!