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Opal Adhesive Vinyl

The vinyl color sheets for Opal Permanent Vinyl come on top, followed by adhesive, and finally backing sheets. By looking at the colors, you can tell that it is a fun design. You would then insert it into your machine so that the colored side is facing up when you have your design ready to cut.

We offer the vinyl on one side with an adhesive and a backing PET that protects the bond until the glue is exposed. We have Opal vinyl with a permanent adhesive that can be easily applied to flat or glass surfaces to turn them into works of art. The rainbow effect is visible by angling the film at a specific angle.

Opal vinyl is permanent.

Various colors are available in opals, from white to blue to pink to yellow to green to amber to orange to green. These adhesive types of vinyl are designed to last for one to two years in outdoor weather conditions.

Description of this item:

A variety of colors: The vinyl is made with Opal Adhesive Craft Vinyl, which generates various colors when the light is refracted.

Stability: The bachking for the base PET ensures that the article is pierceable with a cutting knife but cannot be damaged by being stabbed with a cutting blade. In addition to its ease of weeding, the small design part remains in place during hot pressing, even if it does not fall off. We design our products to be long-lasting and to be washed repeatedly without fading or cracking.

Uses: The product can be directly applied to clean, flat products such as phone and laptop covers, home decor, windows, walls, coffee cups, mugs, scrapbooking, letters, graphics, stickers, and labels.

Suitable for: This product can work with a wide range of cutting machines, including die cutters, craft cutters, and sign plotters.