Reflective Adhesive Vinyl

Put your best foot forward with Ahijoy’s Reflective Adhesive Vinyl and show the world that you can craft amazing masterpieces. This is a vinyl like no other that helps you reflect your best self and also elevates your surroundings. Reflective Adhesive Vinyl provides you with a retro take on craft vinyl. 

These sheets of vinyl reveal their dynamic hues when an artificial light source is shone on them. Hence they are perfect for signage especially those that need to be highlighted at night. This specialty vinyl gives you the opportunity to upgrade any surface like wood, metal, plastic, paper, glass, and ceramic. The radiant glow on this adhesive vinyl will leave everyone mesmerized!

Features and Uses

These features of the Reflective Adhesive Vinyl will make you add to cart right now:

  • Ease of application
  • These thin and flexible vinyl sheets are easy to apply so that veteran craft vinyl users and first time DIYers alike can use them without hassle. They are easy to cut and transfer, and excess vinyl can be weeded off without any effort. That is not all, our vinyl is compatible with all craft cutters, sign plotters and die cutters.

  • Multiple uses
  • The fluorescence of the Reflective Adhesive Vinyl adds to its allure. It is a trendy addition to your crafts and will set you apart from the crowd. The flashy appearance of our vinyl means that it can be used on mugs, pens, notebooks, or any sort of merchandise.

    If you are looking to amp up your home décor game, this is truly one-of-a-kind vinyl to incorporate in your living space. Moreover, for businesses and stores open at night, this vinyl’s excellent reflective properties mean that your signs can be spotted from miles away!

  • Highly Beneficial
  • Apart from all the variety of uses of our product, there are also a multitude of benefits! Our vinyl boasts strong durability and adherence that will not fade over time. Yes, that is right! It is also waterproof which means you can even use it outdoors and not have to worry about the reflective vinyl withering away.  Another important factor is that the vinyl will not lose its shimmer as it simply reflects light!

    Reflective Adhesive Vinyl helps you reflect your best in every aspect. Explore our wide range of vinyl and embark on your best project yet!