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Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl

A gleaming outlook paired with a holographic, fluid-like effect, the Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl can empower you with the creative tools required to bring forth any hypnotizing and truly eye-catching design you wish to make. It radiates a reflective metallic sheen, due to its ability to refract light and when viewed from different angles the same vinyl may display similar shades but in an entirely different pattern. This makes them perfect to add a touch of magic and fascination to your crafts and projects and make them extraordinary!


Variety Galore

Our Holographic HTV comes in a variety of hues and patterns, each with its own different shimmer. Our Opal HTV with its multi-color iridescent finish adds depth and dimension to your designs making them stand out. The metallic collection in holographic series is simply world apart. Its metallic surface amplifies the shimmer factor adding glitz and glamor to the outfit or accessories. We also have a vinyl that presents an amalgamation of holographic tendency with specks of glitter. Imagine the shine this fusion will create!


Superb Features

The premium quality holographic HTV at Ahijoy is durable, flexible and eco-friendly. It is water and weather resistant and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. With its numerous shades in different surface finishes and ample roll size, the vinyl gives you a lot of room for creativity. You can mix and match two kinds of holographic vinyl to create a captivating design that will set your craft apart from the rest. Do not place the vinyl one on top of another. You can play with the different patterns side by side though.


Wide Application

Ahijoy’s holographic HTV can be applied to cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends and similar fabrics. If you are fond of making home décor items with the like fabrics, you can use this vinyl to add life to them. A boring, monotone t-shirt, shirt, jeans or any other attire can be transformed into dazzling party wear. You can personalize your shoes, hand bags, backpacks, or hair accessories such as cloth headbands and bandannas with our HTV. It can be highly useful in organizing themed parties, making customized party favors, or matching outfits for friends and family.


There is a whole world of creativity out there waiting to be explored. So put your thinking cap on, add a number of vinyl rolls to your basket, head for checkout and create amazing crafts with our holographic HTV.