Reflective Adhesive Vinyl

Reflective Adhesive Vinyl

Put your best foot forward with Ahijoy’s Reflective Adhesive Vinyl and show the world that you can craft amazing masterpieces. This is a film like no other as it provides a retro take on craft vinyl and elevates your surroundings. Each film has dynamic hues that are enhanced under a light source. Hence they are perfect for signage especially those that need to be highlighted at night. This specialty vinyl gives you the opportunity to upgrade any surface like wood, metal, plastic, paper, glass, and ceramic. Its radiant glow will leave everyone mesmerized!

The Amazing Features

Our Reflective Adhesive Vinyl is made up of premium quality material that is durable and long-lasting. It presents different hues in a single film adding a burst of color to any craft it is applied to. These include yellow, green, blue, black, and orange. Each film also has different shades that are variants of its base color. With its sheer vibrance and unique outlook, it enlivens the interiors spreading happiness and good cheer all around. It is overlaid with a layer of shimmer that adds a touch of glamor. 

The radiant vinyl films are available in rolls of different sizes from 12'' x 24'' to 48''. You can buy as much as you need without worrying about waste. They are water and weatherproof and do not get damaged easily ensuring the longevity of the craft. They are also non-toxic so you can safely apply them on utensils and drinkware without worrying about any health hazards. 

Ease of Application

Our thin and flexible Reflective Adhesive Vinyl sheets are easy to apply. Due to their malleability, they readily conform to curved surfaces. Whether you are a veteran craft vinyl user or a novice DIYer, you can use flamboyant films without any hassle. They are compatible with all craft cutters, sign plotters, and die cutters. You simply have to visualize the design, create it on the software and cut the sheet in the color of your choice. The excess vinyl can be weeded off without any effort. Once your design is revealed, you simply have to use a transfer tape to apply vinyl on the surface.

Multiple Creative Uses

The fluorescence of our Reflective Adhesive Vinyl enhances its allure, making it extremely eye-catching. It is a trendy addition to your crafts and will set them apart from the crowd. The flashy appearance of our vinyl means that it can be used on mugs, pens, notebooks, or any sort of merchandise that needs a little glitz and shimmer.

If you are looking to amp up your home décor game, this is truly one-of-a-kind vinyl to incorporate into your living space. You can create amazing wall decals with it to add a dash of vivacity and brightness. You can also decorate your photo frames, mirror, or furniture - anything that has a smooth, clean, and dry surface. It also makes an amazing laptop skin and mobile cover depicting your personal touch that no one else has. Moreover, for businesses and stores open at night, this vinyl’s excellent reflective properties mean that your signs can be spotted from miles away!

Add it to Your Cart!

Our Reflective Adhesive Vinyl is a must-have for those who always find ways to create something exquisite and beautiful. It is sturdy and reliable and boasts strong adherence that will not reduce over time. You can also use it outdoors and not have to worry about its reflective quality withering away. The vinyl will not lose its shimmer and radiance as well. Explore its different colors and embark upon the journey of making your best project!