Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Metallic heat transfer vinyl is a glittery, metallic-looking vinyl that is great for making custom t-shirts and other fabrics. The vinyl has a smooth feel and is great for shirts and other garments. At Ahijoy, we offer a wide variety of metallic heat transfer vinyl that is perfect for creating clothing. We have everything from purple, black, blue, and light gold, green, and violet. Each color has its own benefits and characteristics, so be sure to check out our Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl Guide for more information!

The high quality of our Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl means that it will last through multiple washes and wears without losing its color or shine! The best part about metallic heat transfer is that it's easy to apply with a heat press or household iron. You can also use it to add a bit of shine to your t-shirt's other fabrics. Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl can be used with all of our standard sizes. Metallic heat transfer vinyl is very thin and works well on dark colors and fabrics. It's also very stretchy, so it works well on stretchy fabrics. Metallic heat transfer vinyl is also used for apparel decoration such as T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and more.

One of the biggest advantages of using metallic heat transfer vinyl over other methods is that there are no limitations on what you can use it on. Metallic heat transfer vinyl can be used for so many different projects! Many other ways of applying designs require specific materials, but this method works on virtually everything!

Uses & Features:

  • Colors available: Purple, light gold, Blue, green, black.
  • Custom sizes are available.
  • It is shiny, metallic and catches the light beautifully.

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