Neon Colors Heat Transfer Vinyl

$4.99 USD


Neon colors are perfect for adding a pop of color to your designs. Also known as fluorescent colors, they are extremely bright versions of ordinary shades and thus exude vibrance. The neon heat transfer vinyl at Ahijoy emits the same radiance hence every design crafted with it is full of vivacity and splendor. 

Available in shades of yellow, green, pink and orange, each 5ft and 12ft neon HTV roll is compatible with all plotting cutters. Making a crafter’s work hassle free, the sheet works with any die-cut machine, whether professional-grade or for the home. The vinyl is backed by a sticky clear carrier sheet. It is easy to cut, weed and apply. Once you have cut the mirror image of the design, place it on the fabric with a parchment or multi-purpose paper on top. Do not apply heat directly to the vinyl. It perfectly adheres to cotton, polyester and cotton/poly blends with a household flat, dry iron or a heat press machine. It is eco-friendly hence perfectly safe to wear. 

Our neon HTV is thin, light, smooth and stretchable allowing it to move with the garment and endure rugged use. The sturdy polyurethane makes it possible for garments to withstand up to a hundred washes without peeling or flaking, ensuring that your outfits, crafts or DIY projects last for a very long time. They can be layered hence you can personalize your outfit; make visually aesthetic crafts and home decor items, and  designs logos and graphics. By using neon colors in your designs, you can make a bold statement that stands out. 

Uses & Specifications:

  • Available in different neon colors: orange, yellow, green, rose pink and pink.

  • The vinyl is of premium quality and will not fade or peel over time.

  • Stretchable with high durability, it will last long long on a fabric when properly taken care of. Hand wash the garment inside out and do not tumble dry. 

  • Roll sizes: 12''x 24''12''x 36''12''x 48''. Custom sizes are also available.

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