Purple Adhesive Vinyl

$11.90 USD

💜Purple: It has a girlish style and can reflect the heart of a princess, cool and beautiful. You can see that it is not as soft and cute as pink, and has a dark and advanced atmosphere.

Rose Gold Adhesive Vinyl Series Collection: Mirror Chrome/Satin Chrome/Drizzle Holographic/Glossy Holographic/Sparkle Holographic/Crystal Holographic/4D Holographic/Rainbow Sparkle

1.Size: 1ftx5ft( 0.3x1.55m) ,1ftx10ft( 0.3x3.05m)     
2.Color: Purple

• It has no harm to the skin.

• It is bright and clear in color.

• Ideal for DIY decoration projects.

• Washable, high-temperature resistance, high elasticity, and non-fading.


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