Snake Scale Weeding Pen

$6.90 USD


A sharp weeding tool that will help bring your intricate designs to life, Ahijoy’s Snake Scale Weeding Pen is a must have for all crafters and DIY’ers. Vinyl crafting has become a massive part of the customization and personalization industry. Creating a magnificent eye-catching design that is sure to swoon everyone requires precision and a close eye to detail. With our snake scale weeding pen, breathe character into your elaborate designs by giving them a smooth sleek finish.

Featuring a Perfect Nib

Ahijoy’s Snake scale weeding pen is a precision tool for removing unwanted pieces of vinyl and for general weeding. It features a sharp stainless steel nib that is highly durable and will maintain its shape even after extended periods of use.  The sharpness allows you to get into the tiniest nooks and corners and it is perfect for picking out small bits of vinyl giving the design a flawless finish. The nib is also retractable hence you can upon finishing your project you can retract it and keep it safe without worrying about anyone getting poked or hurt with it.

High Utility

Our weeding pen can also be used to effectively remove any tiny bubble that pops up when pasting the film. Simply poke the bubble to deflate it and smooth the vinyl out with a squeegee. 

Using a weeding pen is an effortless task. After you have cut out the design, simply poke the vinyl sheet from the edge slightly. You should make sure that this is done with a steady hand as we only want to poke the vinyl to lift it, not the backing that comes with it. Then lift the unwanted vinyl from the backing. Repeat this process until your design is ready.

Our Snake Scale Weeding Pen is compatible for small to medium sized designs. It features an ergonomic grip that will reduce the strain on your wrist and hand especially if you use it for a long amount of time. The side clip can also slide onto the edge of the cutting mat, making it highly accessible to use.

A Must-Have

Embody a bold personal statement of style with our different snake scale patterns that feature a light shimmer. Ahijoy’s Snake Scale Weeding Pen is a must add to your crafting arsenal that will add perfection to your delicate designs and bring out those tiny details that will surely make the difference!