Glitter Adhesive Vinyl 5ft Roll Bundle

$68.00 USD
SKU: GL03/GL04/GL05/GL06/GL07/GL08/GL09


All that glitters is not gold, but all that glitters definitely catches everyone’s eye. Keeping this in mind, Ahijoy presents to you a perfect collection of Glitter Adhesive Vinyl roll bundle to bring oomph to your boring surfaces. You can embellish any clean, dry surface with them and make the exterior appealing in an instant.

Our Glitter Adhesive Vinyl roll bundle comes in seven different colors. For the quirky ones, we have purple, orange, pink, and tiffany. Yellow is created for that extra shine, and the luxurious Gold Pink and Gold green fascinate anyone who wants to give a royal, majestic look to their crafts and projects. These rolls are introduced in an ideal size of 1ft x 5ft (0.3x1.55m).

The sparkly vinyl is perfect to use for any of your DIY projects. You can easily stick these onto your older furniture or doors and windows to bring an instantaneous sparkle to them. Or if you have gotten bored of that pale fading color of the walls, just add a pop with this vinyl. For a more fun experience, you may even carve the vinyl into different shapes and patterns and make amazing wall hangings, photo frames and other decoration pieces with them. The tedious surface will have a prompt glow-up. Moreover, you can cut these into shorter pieces and glue them on your notebooks, stationery items, mobile covers, keychains blanks, and so on. Our Glitter Adhesive Vinyl can even quirk up your study table to make study time more fun. Which kid would not be eager to learn while being seated on flashy furniture?

For a crease-free, seamless finish, make sure your surface is dry and flat. The adhesive vinyl is easily transferable and also well suited for all kinds of cutters. All you have to do is make sure that the surface is dirt-free, completely dry and flat without any bumps over it. When you are completely certain that the vinyl has caught well on the exterior, simply remove the transfer tape and appreciate the art you just created with your own hands.


  • Durable, flexible and waterproof.
  • Easy to cut, weed and apply.
  • Strong adhesive backing.
  • Eco-Friendly and non-toxic. It is perfectly safe to use.
  • Size: 1ftx5ft (0.3x1.55m) x 7 rolls.
  • Colors available: Purple, orange, pink, tiffany, yellow, gold pink and gold green.
  • Packaging type: 7 rolls in a pack.
  • Pattern: Glitter overlay
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