Weeding Tool Kits

$12.99 USD


Behind any beautiful craft is a set of perfect tools. Ahijoy’s Weeding Tool Kit is a perfect must-have set for every crafter. From the stage of designing till the finish of the final product, this tool kit has all the premium quality paraphernalia that a crafter needs such as scissors, tweezers, scraper, spatula and weeder tools. 

From the initiation of designing till the making of the final exquisite product, our tool kit has everything you need. Weeding is an essential part of the crafting process as it is used to remove negative pieces of vinyl so that your design looks flawless and perfect. Weeding vinyl can prove to be a daunting task, especially for larger projects. Ahijoy’s weeding tool kit is sturdy and durable, hence aiding you in your artistic endeavors while lasting for extended periods of use.

  • Our weeding scissors feature a removable blade cover for safety. The micro tip blade allows for precise cutting, which ensures a professional finish and reduces wastage. If you are one of those who opt for using scissors for simple designs and does not use an electronic cutter, our pair will make the job a breeze. 
  • Our vinyl tweezers with their sharp tip can be used for lifting out small or large pieces of vinyl in one step. They come with a comfortable reverse grip feature, allowing you to hold them firmly, so that the vinyl is not damaged. 
  • Our spatula will help you lift images off the mat, Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the edge of a design that might help in lifting. A spatula comes in handy in this scenario. 
  • The scraper is used to remove unwanted vinyl pieces from the mat, and smooth out creases and air bubbles while applying transfer tape and after applying the design onto the desired surface. Whether you are transferring your design onto glass, wood, ceramic mirror or wall, a scraper will ensure that it is done smoothly since a crease-free application is highly imperative for a clean design transfer. 
  • The weeder hooks are sharper and stronger, and can be used for vinyl that is thicker and more difficult to weed. It features a fine point that can pull out the tiniest of cuts, adding that richness and perfection to your designs no matter how intricate they are.

Whether you are a DIY novice or a professional designer, Ahijoy’s premium weeding tool kit is your one stop solution for a convenient and safe crafting process!


  • 6 tools: 2 weeder hooks, 1 tools scissors, 1 Scraper tool, 1 spatula tool, 1 scissors tool.
  • Long lasting, durable stainless steel blades and hooks on the scissors and hook tool, respectively.
  • A sturdy plastic grip for perfection. 
  • Packaging: A packet of six tools. 
If you have any issues/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us: support@ahijoy.com