Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Pack Bundle 12" x 12" / Sheets

$39.90 USD

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Pack Bundle

Sixteen luscious shades with a strong adhesive backing and a promise to last for a long, long time – the permanent adhesive vinyl at Ahijoy is definitely a treat for the crafters! Whether you want to rejuvenate your home or office space, create a beautiful distinctive craft or amp up your advertising campaign, our permanent vinyl is the one-stop source for all your creative needs.

At Ahijoy, the permanent adhesive vinyl is presented in a bundle offer of 16 vinyl shades in 12”x12” sheets. The colors include tiffany, apple green, beige, blue, orange, red and so on. Though there is a single sheet for each shade, we have provided 3 for black and white as these are more commonly used than the others making the number of sheets 20 in total. Whether you are a novice learning the ropes of crafting or a professional looking to create a small scale project, this is the best bundle for you.

Our supreme quality permanent vinyl is the most durable and long lasting. It is water resistant and bravely survives environmental hazards. Compatible with most craft cutting machines such as Cricut, Silhouette and Cameo, it is super easy to cut, weed and apply to any clean, smooth and dry surface. It has a strong solvent-based adhesive that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. Plus its moderate size makes it a lot easier to work with. We would recommend a test cut before actual application.

There is no dearth of creative ideas where the application of our permanent vinyl is concerned. You think of  a design and it can be realized perfectly. You can use it to decorate your home, utensils and drinkware. If you think the wall in your room has a dull color, you can jazz it up by creating interesting decals using bright shades from this bundle. 

You can also create logos and complimentary merchandise to promote your business. This can easily be cut and pasted anywhere you want such as keychain and bookmark blanks. Since it is not HTV, you will need a transfer tape for it to adhere to your project.

With so many colors in a single package, you can always mix and match different shades to create eye-catching designs such as a rainbow. You can easily transfer it to your favorite mug to make it fabulous. So wait no more and order this alluring deal right now!


  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Water and weatherproof.
  • Eco-friendly and safe to apply on utensils.
  • Solvent-based strong adhesive.
  • Thin and flexible. Easy to cut, weed and apply.
  • 16 colors of 12”x12” sheets. 20 sheets in all.
  • Colors available: Tiffany, apple green, impact blue, blue, beige, orange, sweet pink, pastel pink, red, yellow, matte white, green, matte black, deep gray, purple, and light purple.

Important Notice:

  • A test cut is recommended.
  • This is permanent adhesive vinyl and does not require heat to transfer.
  • This is not printable vinyl. It will not work with inkjet or laser printers.
  • Please note that the shades of the colors appear slightly different on the computer screen.