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Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl

Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you're looking for a way to enhance the design element and add some magnificence to your garments, the Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl at Ahijoy is the perfect product for you! This fun, radiant patterns create a stunning visual effect giving your craft an exquisite look.

A World Of Patterns

With our vibrant and eye-catching patterned HTV, a little goes a long way. We have hundreds of colorful, modern designs for you to choose from. Let’s delve into the world of different exquisite designs that our patterned HTV has to offer:

  • Starry Sky HTV: This is a beautiful design that depicts the galaxy with little white and yellow specks representing stars against a backdrop of multiple vibrant hues. You can always give your crafts the heavenly look with this amazing HTV.  
  • Leather HTV: Who doesn’t love animal prints? Our leather HTV is a glossy representation of these in different shades. You will find leopard, python, crocodile, tortoise, and other prints here to add some classy elegance to your designs. 
  • Buffalo Plaid and Snow Glitter HTV: Buffalo plaid symbolizes fun and festivity. At Ahijoy, the check pattern is not only available in the traditional black and red colors but in many other contrasting shades as well. We also have a snow buffalo plaid that has white snowflakes against a check background. Our snow glitter HTV has shimmery snowflakes against a vivid monochrome background. These vinyl films are perfect to enliven holiday crafts and projects. 
  • Rainbow HTV: Our radiant and flamboyant rainbow series adds a burst of bright shades to your fabrics. They have different patterns such as clouds, stripes, glitter, texture, and lines. Whether you want a plain, colorful, or shimmery design, you will find the one you love in our rainbow HTV category.
  • Camouflage HTV: This vinyl film adds a macho, gung-ho quality to your crafts. It is available in many colors and is truly mesmerizing.

We also have the glossy color printed HTV in stripes and stars. There is no dearth of premium quality patterns at Ahijoy. Simply visit our website and choose the one that will jazz up your garments or soft home decor. 

Superb Features

Our patterned HTV is very durable and feels great on any fabric. It is made with the highest quality materials so that it can last for years. You’ll love how trendy and long-lasting it is no matter how big of an event you choose to decorate for. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic so it is safe for everyday use. The quantity of vinyl in a roll gives you enough room to create both large and small-scale projects without breaking the bank.

Wide Utility

Our patterned HTV comes in a wide array of colors and patterns, allowing you to create stunning pieces of workmanship that are sure to impress. Compatible with cotton, polyester, and the like fabrics, our HTV is perfect for embellishing sports team uniforms, apparel, and more. You can also create signs and decals for your business. If you want your pillow and table cover or placemats to look incredible, or you want to revamp that old jeans and t-shirt, our pattern HTV is the best choice!

Easy Application

Our patterned HTV can be used with all craft cutters and if the design is not intricate, you can even use scissors to carve it. Simply cut, weed off the extra vinyl, and using parchment paper on top, transfer the design on the fabric using a dry iron or a professional heat press machine. You can bring creativity into play and mix and match with other patterns side by side to create beautiful designs that do not overlap.

Buy The Best!

Great for themed parties and the festive season, our Patterned HTV promises to add vigor, beauty, and a splash of color to your creations. If you have already chosen the patterns, head for checkout, and do not forget to email your amazing creations to us!