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Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Bright, flashy colors that will add glitz and glamor to any project you design, Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl at Ahijoy is perfect for those who love to spread happy hues and good cheer all around. With a superb overlay of minute glitter flecks on the surface, the glitter HTV unveils a starry presentation that bedazzles the onlooker. Any decal made with it instantly wins praise for its upbeat outlook. 

The Exquisite Variety

At Ahijoy, the premium quality Glitter HTV is available in a range of unique colors and patterns. It captures everyone’s attention with its loud and vivid presentation. We have it in two variants: Glitter Stripe HTV which simply multiplies the shimmer factor tenfold and a slightly mellowed down yet sparkly Basic Color Glitter HTV that will surely set apart your product. 

Our Glitter Stripe HTV collection represents the rainbow, symbolizes prosperity and hope, and creates an aura of positivity and vigor. It has different hues set in a linear pattern, shimmering brightly. These look simply amazing when applied on a substrate. Imagine bright pillowcases and soft home decor items all creating a colorful environment!

If you want glitter against a monochrome backdrop, you can opt for the basic colors. All the shades presented in this series are bright and beautiful. You can make amazing glittery t-shirt designs and organize a theme party at your place where guests can wear matching outfits. 

The Superb Features

Crafted from high-grade polyurethane, our Glitter HTV has little flecks of glitter embedded on its surface that give a beautiful shimmery effect. The thin film is highly durable and flexible and can withstand multiple washes. It is resistant to temperature changes and the design will not crack, fade or peel even after extended periods of use. The vinyl is made from a thin soft film that is eco-friendly, long-lasting, and perfectly safe to wear. 

Easy Application

Applying our Glitter HTV to suitable substrates is a breeze. Whether you are a novice or a professional crafter you will have no issues in transferring the vinyl onto a piece of fabric if the right temperature and pressure are applied. 

The HTV is compatible with all craft cutters. Even if you don’t have an electronic cutter, you can simply use a pair of sharp scissors to cut your design. Application of Glitter HTV is also a breeze. Simply cut and weed out the negative vinyl. Taking out even the smallest of pieces will not pose a problem. 

Once the final design is unveiled after weeding, place it on the fabric with a multipurpose parchment paper on top. Using a heat press or an iron, set the temperature to 160°C and apply firm pressure for 15-20 seconds. Then simply remove the parchment paper and voila! Watch as our Glitter HTV adds sparkling new hues to your products.

The Extensive Usage

Vinyl crafting has taken the industry by storm, from personalizing garments to creating aesthetic signs and decals, their wide range of usage is what makes them the talk of the town. Our Glitter HTV collection is a versatile piece of vinyl that can be used in so many creative ways on compatible fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and cotton/poly blends. Customize a plain T-shirt with your favorite design, or create a custom cap with the logo of your favorite sports team. Personalize jackets, bags, cushions, covers, pants, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Let’s Bag The Best!

At Ahijoy, our customers always come first. We want your designs to be bright and captivating hence we never compromise on product quality. We have some of the best vinyl that gives excellent value for money. It’s time to select the rolls that you need, put them in the cart, and head for the checkout. And don’t forget to share with us the pictures of your beautiful, happy crafts!