Glow In The Dark Adhesive Vinyl 5 Rolls Bundle

$29.95 USD


Ahijoy brings to you a true bundle of joy; our Glow in the Dark Adhesive Vinyl 5ft Roll Bundle! This bundle includes 6 rolls of neon hued vinyl that glows in the dark. Harness your inner artist and explore the DIY possibilities of this innovative new addition to our vinyl collection. This bundle provides an array of colors and is an affordable option for those who are avid craft vinyl users. Turn off the lights and unleash the magic with this adhesive vinyl!

Our Glow in the Dark Vinyl is unique, but its seamless application is what makes it even better. All you have to do is clean your flat surface of choice preferably ceramic, glass, wood, metal, plastic, or paper. Prepare your design using either electronic craft cutters or scissors, and weed off excess vinyl. Apply transfer paper on top and using a scrapper smooth the surface. This is done to avoid tunneling and bubbling that gives an untidy look. Finally, adhere the design to your surface and go over it once more with a scrapper. Remove the transfer paper and reveal your new design!

With Ahijoy’s affordable vinyl bundle, the crafts you can come up with are limitless! You can even create exquisite designs using two colors or more colors and see enchantment unfold. Glow in the Dark Vinyl looks wonderful as a sticker and decal, which can be used on phones or laptops. You can even decorate your children’s bedroom walls or cupboards and let them marvel at these stickers. Ceiling can be decorated with Glow in the Dark stars to create a galaxy effect. Kids love things that have a magical touch but why let them have all the fun? If you are having a garden party, stick vinyl decals on furniture or vases to have a truly memorable night. Our adhesive vinyl is suitable for both outdoor and indoor surfaces, so you do not need to fret about it coming off. You can even customize glassware or mugs and cups for special occasions like Halloween and themed birthday parties. Get your hands on this bundle and see the glow in the dark magic for yourself!


  • Durable, water and weatherproof.
  • Flexible and easy to apply.
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • The glow lasts for ten hours.
  • Size: 12''x 24''12''x 36''12''x 48''
  • Colors: Tiffany, pink, pink orange, lime, yellow, and baby pink.
  • Packaging type: 6 rolls in a pack.
  • Pattern: Plain.

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