Rainbow Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl 6 Rolls Bundle

$29.94 USD


The Rainbow Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl Bundle at Ahijoy is a dream come true for any creative individual. There can be thousands of ways to use these rolls and transform your gloomy, rainy days into the rainbow that makes everyone happy after a thunderstorm. This bundle is an irresistible purchase for people obsessing over DIY-ing their most regular stuff like glasses, flasks, notebooks, phone covers and so on. This is not some regular vinyl sheet, but a shimmery rainbow colored beauty!

Our Rainbow Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl bundle has six rolls in exquisite colors arranged in a linear pattern. The contrasting shades promise to add a burst of color to any muted surface making it pop, instigating feelings of happiness and joy. All the color combinations are unique and beautiful, and complement one another.

Our Rainbow Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl is thin and flexible and is easy to cut, weed and apply. Though each roll is 1ft x 5ft (0.3 x 1.55m) long, the size can be customized as per requirement if requested. It is compatible with all craft cutters. The transfer tape makes it much easier to put these up wherever you want. You just have to be careful about the surface being bump-less, neat and dry. 

The sheen of our Rainbow Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl sheets will immediately lift up the dull surface of any item or space. Take out that plain boring tumbler that you discarded a long time ago, because its plastic lost the mirror effect, and decorate it with beautiful patterns made from our vinyl. Or paste the sheet as a whole on your furniture and bring life to that gray room. You can even oomph up your car’s rear screen by pasting the cutouts of exciting designs or letters from the roll. The ideas are innumerable; all you have to do is trigger your artistic drive!


  • Long lasting, malleable and waterproof.
  • Strong adhesive backing.
  • Eco-Friendly and non-toxic.
  • Size: 1ftx5ft (0.3x1.55m) x 6 rolls
  • Colors available: Pure glitter rainbow red blue, red green, yellow red, pink blue, pink green and pink purple.
  • Packaging type: 6 rolls in a pack.
  • Pattern: Linear arrangement of hues.
  • Texture: Plain shimmery.

If you have any issues/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us: support@ahijoy.com