Glossy Opal Adhesive Vinyl

$5.49 USD


Glossy Opal Adhesive Vinyl is an incredibly versatile vinyl film that has a subtle shimmer against an opalescent background adding a touch of class to your crafts and projects. It radiates a unique, multi-color reflective shine when light falls on it from different angles. Whether you are a DIY crafter or a professional designer, if you want your craft to make a statement and stand out from the crowd in all its elegant glory, then the Glossy Opal Adhesive Vinyl is for you!

The vinyl film is available in 5ft and 10ft rolls in thirteen different, amazing shades and is very easy to work with. It is thin and flexible with a permanent adhesive protected by a PET backing sheet. Cutting it on your favorite machine or with a crafter’s knife or scissors is a breeze and so also weeding off the extra vinyl. If using a professional craft cutter, place it on the mat with the color side up without mirroring the image. Once the design is ready, place transfer tape on it using a squeegee to remove creases. The peel-and-stick adhesive backing makes it easy to transfer the vinyl to any smooth, dry surface. Once our Glossy Opal Adhesive Vinyl finds its place on your project, get ready to display and win accolades for it is definitely a charmer!

Our premium quality Glossy Opal Adhesive Vinyl is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application. It adheres perfectly to glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, wood and laminate. It is ideal for wall decals and large format graphics. You can make custom stickers, labels, window clings, and signage with it. You can revamp your home decor or apply it to picture frames, scrapbooks, albums and drinking utensils. You can make personalized gift items such as keychains, pendants and backpack tags with it that can also be given as party favors on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, New Year and Halloween. Bring your ingenuity into play and surprise all with a spectacular handmade craft! 


  • Waterproof, flexible and long lasting.
  • Eco-friendly, safe and non-toxic.
  • Colors available: Green purple, neon-orange, purple orange, red purple, beige orange, blue green, sunset green, pink orange, orange green, pink yellow, black, blue purple, and white.
  • Sizes available: 12''x 24''12''x 36''12''x 48''. Custom sizes are also available upon request.
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Finish: High gloss, opalescent. 
  • Packaging type: Roll.

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