Glitter Sparkle Weeding Pen

$6.90 USD


Ahijoy is a one stop shop for all your vinyl needs. We bring to you the most essential tool for shaping ornate vinyl decals and designs, the Glitter Sparkle Weeding Pen. It is here to beautify your craft and look incredible doing it with its alluring appearance!

Our Glitter Sparkle Weeding Pen contains a stainless-steel pinpoint so sharp it can take off even the most troublesome vinyl pieces. The blade is encompassed in a sleek barrel encrusted with sparkles and glitter to give you the spark you need to start your creative fire. The size of this pen gives the user an accommodating grip to allow for long hours of work and no stress on your hand. It is also portable and lightweight. Furthermore, the pen is long lasting due to the high-quality materials used in its manufacturing and will not require frequent replacement.

The weeding pen is extremely easy to use and super handy in getting rid of bubbling and excess vinyl during your craft creation. You might be wondering how to put it to use. The process is fairly simple. After you have cut out your design using an electronic cutter, click the end of the pen to reveal the retractable needle. Using the needle, trace around the lines to get rid of any pieces that won’t budge. This pen helps create vinyl designs which are detailed and have a sleek and professional look. 

If you want to remove bubbles from your vinyl, this tool is crucial to use. Use the miniscule blades to poke the most unnoticeable holes in the bubbles and simply smooth them over with a squeegee. The Glitter Sparkle Weeding pen is compatible with almost all craft vinyl available in the market including adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl.

For vinyl crafts that give you the best quality this product is absolutely indispensable and one that is essential for any vinyl crafter and DIYer to have in their tool kit. Get yours now and start your crafting journey today!


  • Colors available: Pink, Rainbow Blue, Rainbow Black.
  • Finish: Glitter/ Sparkle Finish.
  • Durable stainless-steel pinpoint.
  • Sturdy grip