Transfer Film
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Transfer Tape

Are you looking for the best quality Transfer Tape for easy application of designs onto your desired surface? Ahijoy has four different varieties for you so you may choose what best suits your needs.

We, at Ahijoy, are all about realizing your imagination through a variety of adhesive vinyl. We have innumerable adhesive vinyl bundles for you to choose from. In order to make the crafting experience highly fulfilling, it is imperative to have a good transfer film as well. Our transfer tape pairs best with all our vinyl bundles, making it easier for you to stick them on your projects. In short, Ahijoy is a dreamland for all DIY lovers.   


The Amazing Features


At Ahijoy, we have both plain and grid patterned transfer film. If you are a professional crafter, master in your work, you can easily work with plain transfer tape, but if you are a novice, we suggest you use the one with a grid for exact placement and measurement of the design. The grids are available in three colors, gray, purple, and yellow. The grid base helps you to be right on spot with your design, resulting in a perfectly aligned project. This saves your vinyl from being wasted as well. You can simply place your vinyl over the transfer film and cut the desired area, saving the rest for the next time.


Our transfer tape is extremely user-friendly for it is easy to stick and does not leave any gluey residue. Also, the transfer film will not tear apart with a slight jerk, hence it is of the best quality. You have to make sure that your surface is clean, dry, and dirt free for the best application.


Plus, once the vinyl is on the transfer film, make sure to press it softly using a clean towel or cloth or a squeegee to get rid of any bumps that may have formed during the application.


Steps to Use Transfer Film

Transfer tape helps you apply the design onto the surface in few easy steps: 

  1. Amend your transfer film to the same size as your piece of vinyl.
  2. Peel off its  backing and adhere it to your vinyl design.
  3. To make sure the transfer tape is adhering to the vinyl tightly use a scraper.
  4. Paste your design on the desired surface and press it firmly. You can apply squeegee to remove any creases or bubbles.
  5. Peel off the transfer tape gently.

There, you have your entire design firmly displayed. You might need a little practice at first but you will be a pro in no time. Start crafting and make work easier with our transfer tape.