Sparkle Adhesive Vinyl 7 Rolls Bundle

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SKU: HS02/HS04/HS07/HS08/HS09/HS13/HS17


Trigger your creative instinct with the complete bundle of Sparkle Adhesive Vinyl by Ahijoy. All those planned yet unexecuted DIY projects at the back of your mind can now be realized using these beautiful Sparkle Adhesive Vinyl rolls. The 1ft x 5ft (0.3 x 1.55m) roll is suitable to be used on all kinds of smooth surfaces. These can easily stick and add life to an otherwise mundane facade.

Ahijoy has introduced these sparkle adhesive vinyl rolls for people who like and appreciate beauty. The seven rolls in this bundle consist of remarkable eye-catching hues. Sparkle holographic red, gold, blue and purple are for the people who enjoy vibrancy in their surroundings. Sparkle holographic pink, Green and light blue are for the laid-back individuals who have a happy, joyous demeanor. The shimmer of these vinyl films keep the vivacity alive and rejuvenate the surroundings.

These rolls of vinyl are safe to use anywhere, even at your homes for they have been specially created to be non-toxic and skin-friendly. Touching or pasting them with your bare hands is not going to cause any harm, which makes it a smart investment. Furthermore, you can easily wipe or wash the dirt off them when required. Washing with hands is recommended.

If you feel that the space around you is dull, add glamor to it with our Sparkle Adhesive Vinyl. The usage of these sheets can even be extended to decorate something as dainty as a chain. The vinyl can be used both indoors and outdoors because it has been especially designed to bear the harsh elements of weather. The scorching sun shine is not going to take away the charm these rolls hold. The gleam of the sheets will not fade making it long lasting and durable.

This complete bundle of seven rolls is easy to adhere to any flat, clean and dry surface. Once you are sure about its grip on the desired area, remove the transfer tape and let the sparkle bring out the best in a previously dull exterior.


  • Durable, flexible and waterproof.
  • Easy to cut, weed and apply.
  • Strong adhesive backing.
  • Eco-Friendly and non-toxic. It is perfectly safe to use.
  • Size: 12''x 24''12''x 36''12''x 48''
  • Colors available: Sparkle holographic red, sparkle holographic gold, sparkle holographic pink, sparkle holographic blue, sparkle holographic purple, sparkle holographic green, and sparkle holographic light blue
  • Packaging type: 7 rolls in a pack.
  • Pattern: Glazed with glitter flakes.
  • Texture: Plain shimmery.

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