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Htv Bundle

HTV Bundle

A bundle offer is always a source of sheer delight and a real treat for the crafter. One gets a number of exquisite vinyl rolls in a single package that provides a lot of room for design and creativity. Ahijoy presents three amazing HTV bundle offers for its ardent customers with an assortment of both patterned and plain films so you can transform your fabrics into beautiful pieces of art. 

A Variety Like No Other!

We offer premium quality heat transfer vinyl so that your crafts remain vibrant, exhibiting beauty for many years. Our bundles are available in the following variants:

  • Snow Buffalo Plaid: This vinyl is an emblem of fun and festivities that resonate with the winter season. In this bundle, you get two heat transfer vinyl films with white snowflakes against the buffalo plaid pattern in two shades. The check pattern has a glossy surface and is perfect for those who do not like excessive shimmer. You also get three vinyl films with shimmery snowflakes against a plain monochrome background to add glittery shine and glamour to your fabrics.
  • PU + Snow Glitter + Glitter: If you want a package that has both plain monochrome and glittery heat transfer vinyl, this is the bundle you should buy. The black and white polyurethane HTV is sturdy and long-lasting. You can even use a combination of glittery and plain PU vinyl side by side on your fabric to add a contrasting design element.
  • Holographic Soft Metallic: Who doesn’t like the play of shades with an iridescent shimmer? This variant offers five holographic HTV film rolls with metallic shine that will make your crafts distinctive and eye-catching. Soft home decor embellished with this vinyl film is a sight to behold!

The Amazing Features

Our vinyl films are thin and flexible, and easily move along with the fabric. They are durable and long-lasting, and will not crack or fade with the passage of time. They are eco-friendly and non-toxic so you can easily apply them to your shirt without worrying about any health hazards. 

In each bundle, the HTV rolls are available in three different sizes: 12''x 24'', 36'', and 48''. You can choose the size that you need without worrying about excess vinyl and wastage. Each package has five vinyl rolls so you can play around with ideas and create something truly fascinating with either a single pattern or plain HTV or in combination with different sheets placing them next to each other.

Easy Application

Applying our HTV to different compatible fabrics is a hassle-free process. You can use it with cotton, polyester, and poly/cotton blends. You can use your favorite electronic cutter to carve out the designs. Our vinyl works well with all brands. Those who do not have an automated cutting machine can also use a sharp pair of scissors provided the design is not highly intricate.

Weeding out negative vinyl pieces from the design is not difficult as well. It lifts off easily leaving the beautiful pattern that you visualized readily for transfer. Simply place it on the fabric where you want it to be, put it in the heat press machine with parchment paper on top and apply heat and firm pressure for the recommended time. You can even use the common dry iron that we all have at home. Remove the parchment paper and win accolades for the captivating workmanship. 

High Utility

Our superb HTV bundles can be used in a number of projects, especially during the festive season. You can make beautiful similar t-shirts for the whole family for the Christmas get-together with our buffalo plaid and snow glitter bundle. Cute and simple tote bags can be customized as party giveaways with our PU + Snow Glitter + Glitter package. If you want to add high shimmer to your outfits or make custom caps for all, our holographic bundle is the best. You can even make pillowcases, table mats, coasters, and fabric wall hangings with our vinyl. There are so many amazing uses for our HTV films, you just have to get a bundle, unleash your ingenuity and start crafting!