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Holographic Adhesive Vinyl

Holographic Adhesive Vinyl

Futuristic and iridescent, Ahijoy’s Holographic Adhesive Vinyl is a must-have in any crafter’s arsenal. It is specially curated for those who love to add a burst of vibrant hues and high shimmer to their crafts and projects. The luscious colors will remind you of the magnificent diamond gleaming in the sun. Our Holographic Adhesive Vinyl brings to you the same shimmer and color shift as this exquisite, precious gem.

At Ahijoy, we have a wide collection of holographic adhesive vinyl with various colors, patterns, and finishes. You can choose whatever your heart desires according to the color scheme of your design. For every artist, DIY-er, or just someone looking to get a little creative, this is the perfect range of products.

Variety In Holographic Adhesive Vinyl

Our Holographic Adhesive Vinyl offers an extensive variety, each stunningly beautiful. Whether you like the shimmery surface or the brushed texture, it is available at Ahijoy. You can get the following different variants with us:

  • Glossy: This amazing vinyl film has a shiny surface with a psychedelic display of vivid hues when viewed from different angles. You can get different base colors like rose gold, mint, dark gray, orange, and so on. 
  • Crack Mosaic: Have you ever tried to piece together shards of colored glass creating a kind of mosaic pattern with evident cracks? This is the exquisite beauty that this vinyl film has in conjunction with a gleaming surface
  • Crystal: Our crystal holographic vinyl with its iridescent shimmer is a true manifestation of beauty and allure. It is available in different flamboyant shades so you can add zest and vigor to your crafts. 
  • Sparkle: The name says it all! This vinyl sparkles in all its glory with a surface that seems like it is overlaid with tiny flecks of glitter all over. 
  • Drizzle: This is a two-toned vinyl film with an aggressive linear pattern and an iridescent shimmer perfect for creating mesmerizing patterns.   
  • Rainbow: Rainbow Sparkle, and Brushed Rainbow: As the word rainbow signifies, these vinyl films amalgamate different bright colors as if the rainbow has descended on earth. These shades form the base with different patterns on top such as hearts, waves, the galaxy look, and much more. 
  • Bubbles: This is one of our fun vinyl films that seems to have trapped all the happy free-floating bubbles on its surface.  

Ahijoy promises you so much more than just style. Each vinyl film is unique in appearance and extremely eye-catching.

Easy Application

We aim to make adhesive vinyl as accessible and easy to use for our customers as possible. With the latest technology involved in the making of our vinyl, it is both easy to cut and weed. It is compatible with all craft cutters, dies cutters, and signs plotters. The lustrous colors of our vinyl won’t fade for a long time. Keep your vinyl clean and the longevity will increase even more!

Vast Usage

Made from the finest materials, these thin and flexible sheets of vinyl hold endless possibilities in terms of usage. Our adhesive vinyl is durable and waterproof making it suitable for outdoor application. Let your patio furniture glow and a twinkle in the night light to leave your guests staring in awe. Decorate vases, doors, and frames to take your home décor game to the next level.

Holographic vinyl can even be used on drinkware such as coffee mugs, tumblers, and glasses. All vinyl films are eco-friendly and non-toxic so you do not have to worry about any health issues. Kids can express their creativity by scrapbooking and elevating their art projects.

It’s Time To Be Creative!

With a plethora of ideas at your disposal, do not waste any time. There is a whole world of holographic craft vinyl waiting for you, so get your film rolls today from Ahijoy and explore your creative side!