Snow Buffalo Plaid & Snow Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

€5,95 EUR


The very names Snow Buffalo Plaid and Snow Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl signify fun and festivity. It is reminiscent of the holiday season and is a big part of the Christmas celebrations. The pattern of the snowflakes on both the vinyls creates an aura of winter, holidays and Christmas. Hence wherever this vinyl is used, it will bring images and thoughts of the same to minds. Needless to say, it is the best vinyl to choose for your holiday gifts, crafts, dresses, shirts and home decor for the special annual occasion and season.

Our snow buffalo plaid, the most popular print trend, comes in two shades - black and orange checks and black and green checks - with white snowflake patterns on top. Our snow glitter heat transfer vinyl comes in solid colors of black, red and green with sparkling snowflakes pattern. When light falls on these patterns at certain angles, they give off an iridescent shine, perfect for adding some sparkle and bling to your project. The vinyls are excellent for making themed gifts and shirts for the holiday season and Christmas. They will add a special personal touch to your craft making it different from the rest.

Both the snow buffalo plaid and snow glitter are thin, stretchable, and durable sheets of premium quality vinyl. They come in 5ft and 12ft rolls and are super easy to cut, weed and apply on fabrics such as cotton, polyester and cotton/poly blends. They are compatible with all craft cutters and can be transferred with a heat press or a dry, home iron. Both the vinyl films can be layered giving you freedom of creativity and ease of expression.  

Uses & Specifications:

  • It can be used for making festive crafts, home decor, and designs for t-shirts, shirts and party wear especially for winter and Christmas.
  • We provide waterproof, soft, and flexible HTV vinyl material..
  • Available in different colors: black orange, black green, red, black, and green.
  • Roll sizes available: 10''x 24''10''x 36''10''x 48''. Custom sizes are also available.