Camouflage Heat Transfer Vinyl

€5,95 EUR


Ahijoy presents the gung-ho, super amazing Camouflage Heat Transfer Vinyl, emblem of bravery and courage. Defying its name, the vinyl print makes an outfit or craft stand out from the crowd. Nowadays, it does not only relate to masculinity and signify freedom, power, and purpose, but is also used to make a fashion statement. It has earned a high level of approval and gained mass appeal, hence it is also used to make trendy outfits and accessories for women and children. If you want to add zest and liveliness to your apparel or craft, camouflage HTV is the best option!

The original camo colors are the different shades of green, however our camouflage HTV gives you room to unleash your creativity by adding other hues to the pattern such as red, orange, yellow, blue and pink with the combination of black and white. It can be used in combination with matte or shimmery HTV to create a unique and personalized piece, especially for children and women’s clothing. Since our HTV is thin and offers great stretch, your designs move with your shirt without damaging the HTV. It is easy to cut and weed. When applying on fabrics such as cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends, press at 302℉. Peel off the carrier sheet warm. 

Our camouflage vinyl can be used to create exquisite designs on t-shirts, shirts, pants, bags, and shoes. It can be used in upholstery and for decor especially in a boy’s room. It is durable and will not chip or flake. Gently hand wash and iron the fabric inside out to increase its life. It cannot be layered but you can create a design with other vinyl films side by side and behold! A masterpiece is ready!

Uses & Specifications:

  • Extremely elastic, weather resistant, and washable.
  • You can design your own t-shirt, bags, cushion covers, pants, jackets, and more.
  • Pressure and temperature sensitive backing is easier to remove after design transfer.
  • Available  in different colors: red, orange, yellow, blue, pink, green.
  • Roll sizes available: 10''x 24''10''x 36''10''x 48''. Custom sizes are also available.

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