Soft Retractable Measuring Tape

€4,95 EUR


For a professional designer or a DIY crafter, a measuring tape is the most essential tool for making perfect projects and crafts. Ahijoy brings to you Soft Retractable Measuring Tape that is a highly useful handheld device to make your crafting journey smooth and error-free.


So what makes Ahijoy’s measuring tape unique? Apart from its immense utility, it is easy on the eyes. Encased in a pink and green cover, it is handy and user-friendly. Along the tape's edge, inches and fractional inches are marked in quarter-, eight-, and sixteenth-inch increments. It is dual-sided with centimeters as well. It folds neatly back into its carrying case with just the push of a button. This results in a smaller footprint that can be easily stowed in a small bag or pocket.


Ahijoy’s Soft Retractable Measuring Tape, also known as tailor's tape, is extremely flexible and molds easily to the body. It is used to obtain precise measurements for crafts, apparel stitching and modifications. It is durable and malleable with no sharp edges. It resists stretching and tearing which makes it reliable and guarantees that it will stay in shape in the long run.


Using this amazing product is very easy. Gently pull the measuring tape as much as you want to until the maximum length is in use. Use the tape to take your measurement. Press the hide button on the top of the plastic case and the tape will automatically retract back into the case.

If you still haven’t bought it, it’s high time you get a pair now and start crafting masterpieces!


Multiple Uses:

  • To keep a record of the inches you lose during your diet.
  • Used for medical purposes.
  • Used by architects and interior designers for accurate measurements.
  • Used to measure circular objects which couldn’t be measured using metal tape.
  • Used by fashion designers for accurate measurements or sewing purposes.
  • Used in crafting when making projects with vinyl. 



  • Large and clear markings in both inches and centimeters.
  • Durable and wear resistant.
  • Flexible and portable.
  • Provides exact measurement without stretching or deforming.
  • Length: 60 inches/150cm.
  • Colors available: Macarone green and Macarone pink.