Cold Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl

$5.99 USD


The Temperature Activated Adhesive Vinyl at Ahijoy is pure and simple magic! As the temperature lowers, the vinyl design on the glass changes color. Imagine pouring a chilled drink in a glass mesmerizing the onlooker as the surface transforms. This especially enthralls children as they do not understand the science behind it and actually believe something magnificent and other-worldly is taking place. So put your creative caps on and start designing with this superb vinyl!  

Our Temperature Activated Adhesive Vinyl is cold sensitive and changes hues when exposed to temperature below 59℉/15℃ for example, from neon yellow to green, transparent to blue, neon pink to purple, clear to orange and so on. The 5ft and 10ft rolls are available in seventeen different color options providing you ample room to unleash your creativity. Compatible with all craft cutters, it is easy to cut, weed and transfer. Once your design is ready, apply it to a flat, clean, smooth surface for a seamless finish. With a strong adhesive, the vinyl is durable, waterproof and long lasting. Once you ensure that the vinyl has perfectly adhered, remove the transfer tape and enjoy the amazing, magical experience!

Our Temperature Activated Adhesive Vinyl can be applied to any smooth surface but it is ideally used on mugs, coffee cups, hydro flasks, and tumblers because when cold liquid is poured in them, you can actually see the magnificent color transformation.You can make decals and signs with it as well or use it in craft projects and manual DIY decorations.


  • Colors available: Cold transparent to blue, cold neon pink to purple, cold neon yellow to green, cold clear to dark red, cold clear to rose red, cold clear to orange, cold clear to golden yellow, cold clear to dark green, cold blue to purple, cold yellow to dark green, cold mint green to dark green, hot purple to pink, hot clear to pink, cold white to orange, cold white to gold yellow and cold white to blue
  • Material: High-end PVC material
  • Packaging type: Roll
  • Roll size: 12''x 24''12''x 36''12''x 48''Custom sizes are also available
  • Pattern: Plain 

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