Leather Heat Transfer Vinyl

$5.99 USD


The Leather Heat Transfer Vinyl at Ahijoy is a treat for the crafters. It is available in a number of prints such as cheetah, leopard, tiger, snakeskin, tortoise, fish scales and crocodile, giving a wide variety of options to the user to display creativity. When applied to a fabric, these exquisite prints give a faux leather look. It is also available in matte and shimmery options giving you a lot of room to unleash your imagination. If you want your apparel to be chic and glamorous with a unique touch, opt for our exquisite leather HTV and exhibit your artistry!

Our leather HTV is a vibrant vinyl film that is thin, stretchable and waterproof. It is durable and will not flake or chip if properly taken care of. The vinyl is scratch resistant and its colors will not fade for a long time. Since it has animal prints, it is appealingly piquant, adding life to any project it is applied to. The 5ft and 12ft roll comes in 16 different patterns in amazing shades. It can be applied to cotton, polyester and cotton/poly blends and will transform any shirt, cap, pant, jacket, shoes, bag or home decor item into a distinctive piece of art well appreciated by all. The versatility of leather heat transfer vinyl makes it an ideal option for creating customized clothing pieces with unique designs. If you want to exude charisma, choose from our matte options, but for a flamboyant and jazzy look, our gleaming leather HTV is the best! 

Uses & Specifications:

  • It can be used to transfer exciting designs on t-shirts, shirts, pants, bags, shoes and much more. It can be used to create items for themed parties and Halloween.
  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • Available in different colors: Leopard red, leopard brown, leopard black white, python black white, black beige, black white, black white beige, white purple-blue, black-blue, black yellow, tortoise, python, crocodile, petal (white), petal (black), rainbow dot square black.
  • Roll sizes: 10''x 24''10''x 36''10''x 48''. Custom sizes are also available.

If you have any issues/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us: support@ahijoy.com