Starry Sky Heat Transfer Vinyl

$5.99 USD


This Starry Sky Heat Transfer Vinyl at Ahijoy is a fun and easy way to bring some extra depth to your designs making them unique in their own way. It has a distinctive design with splotches of hues giving the effect of the galaxy and little flecks of white signifying stars, hence the name starry sky. It has a calming effect on the mind, as if one is away from the humdrum of daily life and is in serenity and peace. This vinyl cannot be layered but if you are using it in such a design, apply it as a top layer only. You can be really creative with it and mix and match it with other vinyl films to create a novel pattern making your craft stand out from the rest! 

Our premium quality starry sky HTV comes in a 5ft and 12ft roll in blue, black, purple and orange shades all representing the vastness of the galaxy in matte finish. Their colors are fast and wash resistant and will not fade for a long time. The thin vinyl film is waterproof, durable and stretchable, hence you can cut, weed and apply it very easily without any hassle. This vinyl can be used in many creative ways. You can make matching sleepwear for your family with it. You can transform a plain t-shirt, dress or bag into a trendy piece. You can even create personalized gifts with it for family and friends as party favors. It can be used on cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends and leather. The vinyl is eco-friendly and is safe to wear. 

Uses & Specifications:

  • Create unique designs for t-shirts, shirts, bags, shoes, personalized gifts and home decor. 
  • It is easy to cut, weed and apply.
  • Colors available: Blue, black purple and orange. Each film has multi-color blends representing galaxies with specks of white and yellow.  
  • Roll sizes available: 10''x 24''10''x 36''10''x 48''. Custom sizes are also available.


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