Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

Presenting the latest addition to Ahijoy’s vast collection: the Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl! The glistening surface of this vinyl is hard to ignore which is why it is one of the most up and coming trends in apparel this year. It gives a bold and unique look that embodies the futuristic aesthetic like no other. Elevate your style with ease using our heat transfer vinyl. Both veteran DIY-ers and first time vinyl users can use our vinyl to embark on their creative projects.

Easy Application

The mechanism of heat transfer vinyl might look complicated, but it is actually very simple. It is made up of an adhesive that is activated when heat is applied onto its surface, which may be from an iron on or heat press. All you have to do is cut out your vinyl decal using your electronic cutter and weed off the excess film. Next, put the design on your choice of fabric and cover with a parchment paper. Then, press your iron or heat press applying a good amount of pressure, remove and let cool. Lastly, remove the paper and unveil your brand-new custom apparel.

Variety and Uses

The application technique makes it ideal for customizing t-shirts, jackets, and pants to add a pop of color. These chrome vinyl films come in shades of rich colors that are bound to make you trendsetter! Not just that, but you can expand your imagination and use them for adding accents to your accessories. From tote bags to hats and so much more, adding metallic decals can upgrade a simple outfit. If you are looking to open a small business, incorporating our Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl in your products can help you stand out from the competition.

There are so many advantages of heat transfer vinyl, it is durable and waterproof as well. You won’t have to worry about your design wearing out just be sure to turn your fabric inside out when washing. This will help to keep the vinyl’s luster intact. It is also compatible with most craft vinyl tools like Cricut, sign plotters and die cutters.

Unleash your true style and go beyond the minimalist trends with Ahijoy’s Heat Transfer Vinyl!